monthly poem and painting

February: The storm and the stars

This paint inspiration comes from “the starry night” by Van Gogh. However, the landscape this time is different: instead of being just the sky it is a wave (maybe inspired by “The Great Wave off Kanagawa” by Hokusai), which represents a storm.

The storm represents inner turmoil, after all the celebrations in december and january we are now stuck with the beginning of a new year: what are my goals, what do I expect, should I do more than last year?

To some instead the storm may be external: some uncomfortable situations we have to get rid of, some difficult things to get past, and much more.

The poem chosen is in italian, “Temporale” by Pascoli, which to me represents the idea of hope still present during the storm

Un bubbolìo lontano…

Rosseggia l’orizzonte,

come affocato, a mare:

nero di pece, a monte,

stracci di nubi chiare: 

tra il nero un casolare:

un’ala di gabbiano

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