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Fashion week schedule 2022

The editorial team at bibisspace publishes the link to the schedule of international Fashion Weeks for 2022. Unmissable events to stay updated on global fashion trends and new fashion developments.

Hey there, Fashionistas! Get ready to mark your calendars because we’ve got the ultimate rundown of Fashion Week fabulousness for 2022! From the trendy streets of Copenhagen to the chic runways of Paris, this year’s schedule is bursting with style like never before. So, grab your oversized sunglasses and let’s dive into the most fashionable dates you won’t want to miss!

Kicking off the haute couture hullabaloo is Paris Haute Couture Week, where the magic begins on January 24th. It’s like the Super Bowl of fashion, where big shifts in style are born, making it a must-watch moment of the year. Then, get ready for Copenhagen Fashion Week from February 1st to 4th. It’s where the Scandi darlings dictate what’s cool for the season, with bold colors and over-the-top trends ruling the streets.

Next up, we jet-set to the Big Apple for New York Fashion Week from February 10th to 14th. It’s a whirlwind of American style, with designers showcasing their collections in the most fabulous way possible. Then, across the pond to London Fashion Week from February 18th to 22nd, where edgy meets romanticism in a Bridgerton-meets-grunge extravaganza.

But wait, we’re just getting started! Milan Fashion Week from February 22nd to 28th is where Italy’s finest fashion houses take center stage, revealing their latest creations and setting the global trends. And finally, wrapping up the fashion frenzy is Paris Fashion Week from March 1st to 8th, where the city of love transforms into the ultimate fashion playground.

But hey, the fun doesn’t stop there! We’ve also got Miami Fashion Week, Paris Haute Couture Week (again, because why not?), Miami Swim Week, Copenhagen Fashion Week (yes, again!), and New York Fashion Week (for a second round of fabulousness) sprinkled throughout the year.

So, whether you’re strutting the streets of Copenhagen, sipping espresso in Milan, or living your best life in the City of Lights, Fashion Week 2022 is your chance to shine like the style star you are! Get ready to slay, darling, because this year, fashion is your playground, and the runway is your stage!

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